THERESA MAY'S dinner date with Jean-Claude Juncker has proved the embattled European Union (EU) is delusional over Britain's Brexit plans, Douglas Carswell has declared.

Carswell said the EU is delusional

Carswell said the EU is delusional


The European Commission president reportedly telephoned German Chancellor Angela Merkel to tell her Mrs May's approach was from a "different galaxy" following their Downing Street meeting. 

But in a scathing attack, MP Douglas Carswell says it shows just why Brussels should not be trusted.

The Clacton MP said: "These reports based as they are on leaks from the European Commission tell us more about the EU's delusions than Mrs May's." 

Details of the pair's Brexit meeting were leaked at the start of this week, leaving Theresa May under fire following reports Mr Juncker had walked out of talks saying he was "10 times more sceptical than before". 

When the Prime Minister told them "Let us make Brexit a success", Mr Juncker was said to have replied "Brexit cannot be a success".

Mr Carswell wrote in The Telegraph: "Clearly the eurocrats are still very angry. 'Brexit cannot be a success', Mr Juncker supposedly declared. 

"What he really means is that he cannot allow Brexit to be a success." 

The commission president was said to have brandished copies of Croatia's EU entry deal and Canada's free trade deal which runs to 2,000 pages.

Mr Carswell said the "theatrical gesture" was to insinuate "Brexit will be so impossibly complicated that Britain should not bother". 

He added: "If you examine what was said, it is Mrs May who far from 'living in another galaxy', seems the more down to earth."

The former Ukip politician suggested the EU has been left "rattled" by Britain’s decision to unshackle itself from the bloc. 

He added: "The Juncker Commission's willingness to leak details of private conversations in Downing Street is indeed worrying, especially during an election, with which it could be construed to be interfering.

"But it is a familiar tactic. It shows that the EU is willing to play dirty and that it is rattled: You do not vent your fury at the start of a negotiation if you are confident of getting what you want.”

Michel Barnier also attended the Brexit meetings

Michel Barnier also attended the Brexit meetings

Mrs May was also said to have angered the EU side when she warned that the UK could not be forced to pay a "divorce bill" for leaving because there was no requirement under the treaties.

This apparently drew the response that the EU was "not a golf club".

Jean-Claude Juncker was critical of May after the meeting

Jean-Claude Juncker was critical of May after the meeting

But the Prime Minister herself sought to quash claims she is at loggerheads with Mr Juncker over her Brexit negotiating strategy, calling it was "Brussels gossip" during a campaign rally.

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